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Making A Sliding Glass Door Easier To Open And Close

Here are some tips in making a sliding glass door easier to open and close. Keeping glass sliding doors in excellent condition can be challenging in South Florida's humid climate. In addition to salt water, sand, humidity, and simple wear and tear, the door and tracks can be damaged by salt water, sand, humidity, and simple everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, there are a few ways we can make sliding doors slide more easily. In the first instance, you can take a few steps as a homeowner. You may need to seek professional assistance if those methods do not work.

Discover how you can make your sliding doors open and close more smoothly as well as when you might need to call the pros at Sliding Door Repair of Naples to fix your sliding glass doors. Our company offers a variety of sliding door services.

Screen Replacement
Broken Glass Replacement
Cracked Glass Replacement
Glass Door Installation
Sliding Door Maintenance
Track Replacement
Sliding Door Track Repair

additional Services:
Sliding Glass Door Repair
Rollers Repair
Sliding Door Rollers Replacement
Door Lock Repair
Sliding Door Lock Replacement
Glass Installation
Handle Replacement

• Self-service when it's possible

Having trouble opening your sliding door could mean that you have a problem with the door itself. The door's track could also be the problem. If the problem persists, you might consider fixing it yourself. You may be able to do this depending on the issue. Some things that make sliding glass doors hard to open are simple and can be fixed with some cleaning and adjustment. Take a look at these suggestions.

You might be able to adjust the level of the wheels in the track, controlled by adjustment screws, if the problem is with the door. To increase the gap between the door and the track, turn the screws clockwise with a screwdriver.

A clogged track can be vacuumed out or cleaned with a wire brush if the problem is an obstructed track. In addition to making it difficult to manage the door, dirt in the track can cause damage if the door jumps the tracks when it hits an obstacle. The door may still stick after cleaning if the track is lubricated with silicone lubricant or graphite powder.

There are different types of doors that can cause these problems, such as sliding doors with two flat panels, pocket doors that slide into walls, and folding, French, hinged, or swinging doors. The sliding doors on hurricanes occasionally have problems, as well. Even swell-proof, corrosion-proof, and splinter-proof doors can develop track, frame, or lock problems. The door may need to be adjusted or the track cleaned if these measures don't work.


• The Best Way To Get Results Is To Call A Professional

The damage to the sliding door track can be more serious and require the door to be removed or the track replaced. The majority of homeowners should leave these jobs to a professional. It is difficult to remove sliding glass doors from an uneven surface or drop them. They are heavy and cumbersome to remove. Despite being sturdy, the track won't work if you accidentally bend it while fixing it. An inexperienced person can also cause damage to the door system's frame or lock, rendering it "unfixable.".

Whenever you encounter a problem with your sliding doors, contact a professional window and door contractor such as Sliding Door Repair of Naples. Whether a repair will work or if you should replace the window will provide better protection and greater convenience for your home, we can give you an honest opinion.

With scheduled service calls and 24-hour emergency service, we can quickly restore your doors to their original function, so they will open and close smoothly. If your door cannot be repaired or you want to update your doors, we have a wide range of modern door types that will enhance the beauty and function of your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, check out our website or call us today.

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