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Sliding Door Rollers Replacement

Sliding Door Rollers Replacement

Sliding Door Rollers Replacement | Sliding Doors of Naples, a local company, provides superior sliding door services including sliding door rollers replacement and much more. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Sliding Door Rollers Replacement | Expert Sliding Door Repair Services

Sliding patio doors are a popular feature in many homes, as they provide easy access to the outdoors and allow natural light to flood in. However, over time, the rollers that allow the door to slide along the track can become worn or damaged, making it difficult to open and close the door. If your sliding door is becoming a hassle to use, it may be time to consider replacing the rollers.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of replacing your sliding door rollers, from diagnosing the problem to selecting the right replacement parts and completing the installation.


First, it's important to determine whether the rollers are actually the problem. Sometimes, debris or dirt can accumulate in the track, causing the door to become stuck. If this is the case, we may clean the track with a vacuum or a wire brush. If the door still won't move smoothly, it's likely that the rollers need to be replaced.


The next step is to identify the type of rollers that your door uses. There are many different types of sliding door rollers, each with its own set of specifications. The diameter of the roller, the type of material it's made from, and the length of the stem that attaches it to the door are all important factors.


Replacing the rollers involves removing the door from the track, unscrewing the old rollers, and attaching the new rollers in their place. This can be a delicate process, and should be done carefully not to damage the door or track.

Once the new rollers are in place, height adjustment of the door is necessary so that it fits snugly in the track. This can be done using the screws on the bottom of the door. We will test the door several times to ensure that it's moving smoothly and easily.

Our expert technicians will restore your sliding door to its former glory and help you to enjoy easy access to your outdoor spaces once again.

Sliding Door Rollers Replacement | Top Notch Customer Service



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